Finnmark Turbuss

We offer bus transport, package tours and tailor-made tours for companies, organisations, associations and others. We are happy to arrange the whole trip for you and organize accommodation, food arrangements and the like if needed.

Finnmark Turbuss AS is established as a limited company from Skogens Turbuss, and we have 25 years of experience in the industry. Our buses are modern and we can therefore—together with our experience—promise safety, high quality, good comfort and personal service on allour tours.

Our Buses

We have taxis, maxi taxis, minibuses and buses for smaller and larger groups. The buses are well equipped, modern and have a high level of safety. Among other things, we have buses that are equipped with facilities such as toilet w/ sink, video, refrigerator and coffee machine.

Upon request for larger groups, we have agreements with other companies so thatwe can carry up to 1000 passengers.

Finnmark Turbuss AS is a member of theNorwegian Travel Guarantee Fund

Contact us for information

Resikkaringen 21, 9700 Lakselv Norway 9700
+47 418 58 585